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In celebration of timepieces

As far our varied Interests and financial capabilities will allow us, I find it necessary to campaign that no mere watch should adorn the wrist of the discerning gentleman.

In a society that prides itself on its diversity and at times celebrates individuality to a fault,It is imperative that we strike a common chord on the use of watches to not only tell time, but as a symbol of an advanced people with deep roots in functional artistry.

That pursuit parts us down two paths as far as horology is concerned. There are the Technorati with their Apple Watches and Smart Pebbles, and there are the Watch Idiot Savants slurring French expressions and annotating each variable component of a classic timepiece.

Both, in any account, are celebrations of men at their best - striving, hardworking intellectuals working to make the world a better, more colorful place.

In the years that pass as I venture into the simple collection of vintage timepieces, I have witnessed marques prance around the follies of those two factions. From gargantuan sports watches to modestly sized vintage-inspired pieces; from technically improbable titanics to multi-functional Swiss smart watches; and from million-dollar wrist heirlooms to honest-to-goodness daily beaters.

Oh, to be among the many influenced and influencing the trends of horology! What a time and what a pleasure!

Such that it is impossible for one to just stand by and not get swept along. I guiltily admit to the procurement of more watches than my wardrobe can accompany. But I also attest that it is no less a pleasure to fill the mono-thematic closet!

The point of my aimless banter is this - to all the gentlemen who fall into the allure of timepieces, welcome! You are in common, likable company. And for those yet to be mesmerized by the charm of wearing a quality timepiece upon your wrists, your time must surely come.

And when it does ensnare it will bite deep, and you will love it with each bone crunching constriction.

©.2023. Reproduce with permission. Further enquiries at

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