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Boys & Toys: The Keystone Key Holder

A man has many things he keeps around himself to prove his worth and remind him that he's made it in life. There's of course the house, and the car, the watch, the clothes, the shoes, the pens, and how can we forget the girlfriend, wife and kids!

Adding to this list of cool items to own and appreciate is the Keystone Key Holder. Launched a few years back as a Kickstarter, this minimalist key holder has now come into its third series.

The Keystone: Zen - click here to buy

The practical purpose is evident - it allows you to keep and organize your keys in a neat little package, from from dangling, making noises while you walk, and also stops from that distracting (other) bulge in your pockets.

Expandable for up to 20 keys, the Keystone is also happens to check off on the cool factor with its brushed aluminum plates, curves cut into the sides to enable access to your keys. The tapered screw heads can be adjusted with coins, credit card or your nails too, allowing fuss-free use.

I've been using the Keystone since the first series, and I must say I'm impressed by all the changes that creator has implement with each phase.

This latest edition continues the long sleek anodized aluminium frame of the last, with thick cut screw heads that are beveled nicely for that industrial chic look - Zen as per the namesake.

Available in three colors - black, silver and gunmetal - the Keystone allows for expansion to hold up to 24 keys, and comes with easy-to-assemble instructions in a neat hard cardboard box.

The Zen Keystones are now available for purchase on Kickstarter, with early-bird prices for initial supporters.

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