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That sinking feeling (when I lose a watch)

“But you wanted to sell them didn’t you?”

Those word flew across table like shrapnel, and it made me think - back to the day when I was just an enthusiastic collector.

I buy everything I liked, but I soon found out that I liked too many things. Then fast forward a few years and here we are - website live and watches listed.

I had named the new site On the Collectors Table because that picture resonates a lot with me.

I’m sure other passionate collectors of vintage timepieces will also be familiar with the idea of collectors sitting at a table, watches tossed out, loupes in one eye, hands busy with inspection.

While I sell most of my watches online, there are a few whom I’ve had the privilege of meeting in the flesh. Though far and inbetween (we all have day jobs, or exams to deal with) these tabletop exchanges (always food, sometimes coffee, sometimes wine) can very well be the highlight of my time as a collector.

“Ok, I’ll take him,” said the calm voice across the table. I looked at my coffee - there was none left to drink.

“I’ll take both.”

And that’s when it hit. I’m really going to miss these guys.

This is not the first time I’ve sold to the person across the table, but I probably can still remember each of the times we met to view and deal watches. We each have our preference, and one thing is common - we both won’t let a good one get out of our hands.

When I make a sale and lose a watch or two, the first thing that hit me isn’t the slight profit that I make or that I’ve freed up space for more watches.

It’s that sinking feeling on my chest, just above my stomach, as though my heart has gained a lot of weight all of a sudden.

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