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What on your table, David?

It doesn't matter what sort of watch you wear as long as you like it. I talk to a few collectors I've gotten to know over the years about that piece of metal they strap to their wrists.

I've done minimal editing to their responses, so hopefully you can see their character from the tone and words used.

Today's collector is a close friend I've known for more than 15 years. He's a buddy and someone I have always relied on for support and company. We even bought the same watch together to mark our friendship.

Q: So bro, tell me about a few of your favorite watches.

It’s quite hard for me to pinpoint a favorite watch or watches coz I really love all the watches I have on hand. Each of them are special to me and I really enjoy putting them on! I could tell stories on all the watches but that is not necessary, hence, I will pick two which I wore slightly more frequently.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer Stainless Steel Watch (left)

This watch is a brotherhood watch. It is a choice which both of us agree after spending countless of days and time looking for one watch as we have very diverse tastes.

We didn’t come to a compromise as we are out to look for a watch that will satisfy us. It is a testament that good things will come to those who are patient and willingly to preserve and persist in achieving their goals.

Rado Purple Horse Stainless Steel (far right)

Watch estimated to be from the 1970s – It is the first vintage watch which I bought off thevintageseiko. The watch was and still is in an excellent condition. It is also the only watch that I have with a Chinese Day.

Most swiss made vintage watches have English with Roman numerals, rarely have Chinese with English combination. That itself is unique to me and not to forget the fluted bezel makes it ever-green looking watch!

I always get compliments from watch lovers and non-watch lovers on the watch! This watch always remind me of simple things in life are worth appreciating no matter how small they are.

Q: What makes a watch special to you?

The meaning of the watch; how it connects to me at a glance and arrow heads (aesthetically.)

It’s in human nature to find meaning in some watches. These watches may not appeal to all but may just appeal specifically to me. For example, I love the Rado Horse Series Collection They are simple and classy watches which do not have a broad fan base as compared to Seiko, Omega, Rolex yet they appeal to me.

Honestly speaking, I would say the word “horse” is meaningful to me because I’m a Sagittarius – Half man, half horse. That actually connects to me. Likewise, markers in shape of arrows or sharp teeth attracts me for the reason of just being the sign of the archer.

I also always wonder what stories the watches will tell me. I will imagine a voice which will call out to me with a sentence, “Hey, look at me! Let me tell you my story.”

Q: Is there a watch you're currently looking out for?

Yes, the Rado Silver Horse! The Silver Horse will be the last piece in the collection of the horses. My current goal is to have one of each Horse! Hope I am able to find a Rado Silver Horse to my liking!

Q: How much do you think your watch collection will change in the near future?

My current collection is a mixture of new divers watches with vintage dress watches. I don’t see my collection changing except with the addition of more watches and the increase will comes from the vintage dress watches or military watches. I may also dive deeper into the Rado Horse Collection as there are actually a number of variants!

Q: Closing remarks - do you have anything to say to other collectors out there?

Enjoy the watches you find, for it only speaks to you.

Stay tuned for more "From the Collector" profiles!

If you're interested in being featured, feel free to drop me a message!

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