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COVID-19 and the watch collection

At the time of writing, I have a bunch of straps from Cheapest Nato Straps incoming (more than a month on), one custom order of straps from my go-to IG strap-smith (that one shipped early March), a watch from Spain (can't deliver to Singapore yet), and an awesome triple calendar from the US (yet to ship). Oh, and my latest sale has yet to leave the local post office coz they can't find a flight out of the country.

I don't know about you, but all this is really off-putting when you're talking to a guy who usually moves a few watches a month.

Given the steep decline in watch movement and the intensely suspenseful wait for anything that's not local, my views towards expanding the watch collection seems to have waned. I am better friends with my PlayStation 4 now (FF7 Remake anyone?).

But that doesn't mean to say I am not gawking over how much of an awesome collection I have either. I'm still more than 100 watches in, and still enjoying them each time I take them out on their weekly wind.

If anything, this shut out period has taught me to appreciate them more. Being home gives me time to rotate freely, sometimes up to 3 or 4 watches a day!

To all my fellow watch collectors, I hope you are keeping safe, and are able to look at your current watches in the same light as I have. It's not really about what you have coming in, but what you already have to own and cherish.

"Says the guy who has a website selling his watches..."

But hey, everyone has favorites don't they?

Keep safe my friends.

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