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What's so special about the watch?

Collectors in Southeast Asia will be familiar with the Pagol brand of watches and their iconic style of design. There's a boldness to them that sets them aside from the other Asia-pro brands like Titoni and Rado. They also have categories to help elevate collectors along - the Pagol 300, 500, 700, 1,000 and 3,000 range being what I'm aware of. 


This one here is of the 1,000 range where they throw out all stops to value-add to the prestige. Seasoned collectors will also be aware that the 1,000 and 3,000 range of Pagol have solid gold bezels instead of stainless steel or plated equivalents in the lower range.


What are the functions of the watch?

Time with date and date. 


Let me tell you about the case...

They come a little chunkier than the typical Rolex President Day-Date, but you will be able to see the simialar DNA that gives the watch its dress watch appeal while also appealing to modern demands of dimensions and everyday wear.


The case for this watch in particular has seen regular use, signs of wear and light scratches adorn the watch like a proud collector showing off to his mates. Despite that the surfaces do not have dents sans for little chip marks at the side of the lugs where strap change is obvious.


The solid white gold fluted bezel remains spotless however, and sharp at that. 


On the caseback are signs of a negligant watch maker - a deep cut across the back from a mishandled caseback tool no doubt. 


And now the dial...

Pagol watches are known for their outlandish use of stones and raised indices in their dial. This one is no different, and being of the 1,000 series probably employs a more complex and bold combination of dial elements. 


First, the indices. Stepped markers, raised to the sky with bevels adorned at the very top, decorate the borders of the dial. As if that wasn't ecentric enough, bright pink stones are added to 6 and 9 for that extra posh. A thick gold frame borders the date window, its bold look mirrored on the "1000" and "Pagol" applie marks at 6 and 9. At 6 is also the emblematic Coconut tree, by which many collectors call these watches affectionally. 


The day and date discs are of course in white (how else will they stand out?), with bold red text printed in serif font. The rest of the elements on the dial - minute hashes, crosshair, and text - are stamped neatly in generous gilt. 


But the best is yet to come, for when light hits the dial it shimmers with the light of the cosmos. The purple dial has patina'd to a brilliant richness of warm and cool colors amalgamating into a marco photographers wet dream.


Let's not forget the hands...

Thick baton hands sweep the dial, a bold (that's quite a characteristic for this watch) white line streaking down the middle. Accompanied by a (why not) bold orange sweep hand that stops short of the raised indices lest it collides with them. 

"Galaxy" - 1970s Pagol 1000 Pagomatic Day-Date

  • Specifications

    • Hour, minute and seconds hands with day and date window
    • Sun burst purple dial with patina
    • 36mm stainless steel case with 14k yellow gold fluted bezel
    • 42mm lug-to-lug
    • 19mm lug width
    • Acrylic crystal with cyclops window at 3'O
    • Aftermarket brown leather strap


    This is a vintage timepiece. Please expect signs of ageing and wear. Watch is checked to be in working condition when shipped. International sales are final; buyers are advised to ask all questions before purchase. Accuracy of watch cannot be guaranteed and there might be unexpected issues due to its age; servicing is recommended for practical everyday use.
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  • Returns

    If watches received are not as described, they are entitled to a 7-day defect warranty from the date of receipt of the watch.