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The 30-second summary.

This diver from Seiko's affordable range has aged very nicely, and like the fast-disappearing Hibiki Japanese whisky, won't be around for much longer in the open market. The combination of a well-aged bezel and a well-maintained dial makes this watch a keeper beater for collectors of vintage sports watches.


What's so special about the watch?

The 7002 is the lesser-known cousin of the Turtle and MAS divers, not because it's usually left for the collectors with no money, but because they are usually stripped and modded to no end. Have a look on eBay and you'll know what I mean. 


Which makes this one here all too precious - an all original, all black 7002 . These watches are favoured for their versatility, being able to pull off most occasions with but a change of the strap. The one here has an added bonus of patina, which has turned out very much in its favour with a nicely scratched up bezel, dial and hands that's only just started to age.


What are the functions of the watch?

Time and date, with time elapsed bi-directional rotating bezel


Let me tell you about the case...

The 700A case on this watch is very managable, containing just enough height to not overpower a small wrist. It comes off as a very nice barrel shape onto the wrist, much like the dark horse Prospex SPB077 and SPB079 watches that have come off the marque recently. 


Prominance is given to the dial and bezel, with the lugs sitting nice and short underneath the shroud of the bezel, peeking out nicely a it forms a curve with with one lug end to the other. It's really nice to look at once you've seen it, and you'll find yourself running your fingers down the side in one continuous motion. Smooth.


The bezel is nicely faded and slightly sloped towards the dial, which is then repeated by the steep rehaut leading up to the black surface. I really like the three dimentional feel of the case, which is really very good value considering the price some of its other cousins are commanding. 


Coming off in very good condition, the case is free from major scratches and dings, the brush markings on the lugs well maintained which the polished sides are still smooth and without visible scratches. 


And now the dial...

This is the black dial variation of the popular 7002 diver. Since it's not relatively an old watch, the lume on the surface is still quite fresh, albeit starting to age as it turns blackish along the edges. This is common to the 7002 models and is no cause for worry.


A collector buddy of mine once pointed out an interesting fact about the layout of the 7002 - the date window is nicely placed in a way that it's about the same length as the longer 6 and 9'O batons, so that the symmetry of the dial is intact. You can read more about Cedric and his love for watches on my blog.


The 7002 is also characterised by it's long pointed 12'O marker, stopping short of the silver Seiko logo mark. Printed at 6'O are the water resist indications, the red text faded to a lighter shade. The new owner of this fantastic timepiece will have to privilege of watching it turn either pink or purple.


Let's not forget the hands...

The iconic Seiko arrow-sword-syringe hybrind is very interesting to look at, and with a generous application of lume, you'll also have no problems reading time in the dark.


Oh, and lollipop.

"Neoh" - 1993 Seiko 7002-7001 JDM Diver Automatic

  • Specifications

    • Hour, minute and seconds hands with date display
    • Matte layered black dial with silver printed Seiko 
    • 40mm stainless steel case
    • 45mm lug-to-lug
    • 22mm width bracelet
    • 7002 automatic @ 21,600vph
    • Hardlex glass
    • Aftermarket rubber diving strap

    Disclosure: The bezel on this watch turns both ways, but can be a little tight and would need some cleaing for everyday use.


    This is a used timepiece. Please expect signs of ageing and wear. Watch is checked to be in working condition when shipped. International sales are final; buyers are advised to ask all questions before purchase. 
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