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Sometimes a watch changes my mind.

Collecting vintage watches allows me to see, feel and own a part of history. In February of 1976, this watch was cased in a factory in Japan.

There's not a lot of wear on the case, so it probably didn't have a lot of owners. However, my guess is that it has got one service done.

The servicing was a rough one; the watchmaker did not bother to document the date inside the caseback, and while the gasket was placed back well the caseback was badly scratched from the lack of attention.

This lack of attention also resulted in the misplacement of the outer rehaut that is used for easier reading of the elapsed seconds.

Despite the years, misgivings and adventures, the watch still ticks well. It now sits on my wrist as I type this post.

Moments before I had wanted to list this for sale, but as the (iphone) camera clicks and the images start to show off the beauty of this watch, I am compelled to keep him for a little longer.

For not a single scar on this guy's case was a result of my carelessness. And perhaps the true measure of how much a collector loves his watches are the tales he can recall from each bump, ding and scratch.

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