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Fauxtina madness in the Longines Military Watch

Innovation in the watch making world can be quite rare. And when you narrow that scope down to vintage-inspired watches, you're pretty much stuck between a rock and a dozen nasty reviews.

With collectors lusting after vintage pieces, marques have been clamoring to release true-to-vintage examples that evoke the sense of time traveling bewilderment collectors often get with vintage watches. All this while making them pay premium for advanced materials, techniques and that added bonus that it's new and under warranty.

And until now, fauxtina has amounted to replicating that shade of lume on the dials of modern watches, the key word here being modern. What's a faded radium burn doing on a shiny new dial with applied polished indices? No wonder they're getting so much burn (harhar).

And who else but Longines to school these whipper-snappers on history? Released at Baselworld 2018 is the Longines Military Watch.

Everything about this watch is simple - the railroad track minutes on the circumference of the dial, the small Arabic markers, the dial free from any uncecessary branding elements, the cathedral hands... heck, even the name is fuss free.


I'm going to stop short here and leave you to marvel at the wonderful detailing on the dial. This has to be vintage-cosplay at its best.

Photo: Hodinkee (because they took the best photo of the watch thus far)

For more information on the watch, you can read the very nice write-up from my personal favorite watch website - Hodinkee.

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