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The day I almost died. And got a Seiko.

Seiko. Good brand. Good watches. Good price. And when these guys throw out a collab they go all out. Or the fans do anyway. Scalpers, fuck you.

It was a nice Friday morning and I was checking out the IG feed on the way to work. There was this guy asking around if anyone could hook him up with a particular Seiko watch.

The design was alike the vintage Rolex Explorer 1016 - matte black dial with cream tea patina markers and a 12 and (open!) 6 Arabic. Date window. Cathedral hands. It was a mod account so first thoughts were that it was some Seiko 5 Mod.

To. Die. For. Literally man.

Then the friends started messaging. Shit got real real fast.

In about an hour we were clicking away. And in the end I got the help of a friend who has some account who could help me secure one, send it to a Japan address and then hop it over to where I am.

And then the watch got sold out.

About 20 minutes after I was given the confirmation on my watch my face started to break out in hives, the eyes watering and mucus started pouring down. The airway got blocked and I ended up in the emergency department for 8 hours due to a severe allergic reaction.

Was it the adrenaline from the score? Or was it that damn ham and cheese sandwich I gobbled down for lunch? Well coming home at 3am from almost dying after getting ahead of the scalpers for such a nice watch kinda made it a memorable day.

Definitely something I want to blog about.

Those who reached the site later got a load of this.

So for you lot who also managed to get your hands on the piece, congratulations! I hope the real deal looks as nice as I imagine it to be.

Next update will be the watch on my wrist.

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