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#KISSWatchReview: Yema Superman Heritage Bronze Limited Edition

The watch proved to be a little underwhelming. The overall build and quality of the watch fell below expectations. The bezel seemed a little misaligned (I’ve read of a few with even worse alignment), there was a date wheel underneath the no-date dial (I should’ve read the product specs carefully), and the crown lock system seemed a little flimsy and doesn’t actually catch the grooves on the bezel precisely. Nevertheless the watch is a stunning eye-catcher, exuding a classic charm. While the mechanical aspects might have fallen a bit short, the physical appeal is as overwhelming as I had expected. Here’s to my first kickstarter watch.

Update: I've also gotten tired of the damn crown lock and removed it so that I can freely use the bezel to time my pasta. Check out the Instagram feed to see that one in action.

The #KISSWatchReview is a series of short and sweet watch reviews for pieces that have spent a considerable time on my wrist.

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