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Chiming In: My pet peeves when it comes to vintage watch collecting

I was listening to the latest Casual Walk Talk's podcast and they gave me an idea for a list article - straight out knock-off for this one as I felt that it was a great topic to rant on.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 pet peeves when it comes to vintage watch collecting.

These pet peeves are listed in no particular order because they're all equally annoying.

Also, a disclaimer before anyone reads and gets offended - I'm not saying the following are wrong. I'm saying they're bloody annoying for a vintage watch collector to hear.

  1. The box and paper squadron The vintage collecting work is divided on this, but I particularly dislike 'collectors' who place a watch's authenticity on the presence of box and papers. Go get schooled before you come and ruin another collector's day.

  2. The timegrapher battalion Here's a fact - watches lose amplitude, time and power reserve as they age. I've read posts and comments about people expecting COSC standards off vintage watches and can only roll my eyes at these.

  3. The immediate service Works well, they said. This is always a risk with online purchases when you have to make the call between returning a great watch and negotiating a partial refund at the risk of the watch not returning in one piece from service.

  4. The bargain beater This one has to do with people who ask for discounts. And then tell you they want to consider. And then say no after awhile. It's general courtesy to only ask for a discount after you've had your mind up about a watch, and it's also gentlemanly to keep your word after your discount was accepted.

  5. The rarest rare rare watch in the uncommonly rare range of rare designs from a rare discontinued marque C'mon man.

Bonus pet peeves about watches in general!

  1. Using obvious spare parts in new releases I have a heavy suspicion that Seiko does this a lot, resulting in the same hand set being used across new editions of their favorites. Either this or I'm really sore that that Shrouded Diver didn't get its skeletonised hands back... Also, read my blog post about the Geckota E01 Gen. 2.

  2. Scalpers Fuck you all for ruining the hobby.

  3. The Instragram effect I don't know if collectors today are pursuing their own tastes and reflect that on Instagram, or if Instagram is telling them what their tastes to pursue look like. *cough* Tudor Blue Berry Smurf Blue Bay *cough*


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