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What's so special about the watch?
You might want to ask "What's not special about an art deco watch?" instead. The long-ish case and dial has a special place in each watch collector's heart - and when we shake ourselves past the fact that we can't all afford a Reverso, there's a huge pool of art deco beauties out there in the vintage work for us to satisfy our Polo Sports Watch craving. This here, is one such watch. And a darn good one at that.


What are the functions of the watch?

Time only. But it's got a nice big centre sweep seconds. 


Let me tell you about the case...

This case is horny - the lugs stick out straight from the sides to accentuate the long case and provide a seamless look to integrate the straps with the wrist. Stepped sides push up the dial even more, and the lightly plated gold gradiates nicely into a nude stainless steel back.


The short sides of the case are cut into the case at a different angle than the sides. providing a nice dip from the inside of the lugs. Small detail, but really cool to use in any watch article so that it seems I'm sophisticated like. 


Away from the gentlemanly case is the arched thick acrylic crystal. It domes above the dial and improves the curviture of the whole watch, making the center seconds dial really pop.


Overall little damage, and really awesome to look at. 


And now the dial...

Artistic arabic numerals are stamped along the sides of the domed dial, really making space for that large center dial. The numerals are cut really nicely and use a very artistic styling that allows the indices to play with the light and also accord that little whimsey. The typical rail minute track revolves around the perimeter of the dial, thicker black strokes demoting each give-minute mark. 


Moving in, we finally get to talk about the large sub-seconds dial that fills up almost half of the dial real-estate. 60 seconds of the minute are printed in five-minute spaces, a miniature rail track proving the backdrop for the sweeping seconds hand to match. And in big thin fonts at 12 on the inner dial are the Gruen hallmark and the Veri-Thin name printed, in case anyone wanted to know where to send them design award nominations to.



Let's not forget the hands...

Much like the whimsey of the arabic numerals, the artistic hands in modernes style offer a justified complement to the art deco appeal. 

"Doc" - 1940s Gruen Veri-Thin Manual Wind Art Deco Watch

  • Specifications

    • Time only
    • Hour, minute and sweeping seconds hands 
    • Champagne dial with large sub-seconds
    • 25mm yellow gold plated case
    • 38mm lug-to-lug
    • 18mm lug-width
    • Manual wind gruen movement 
    • Acrylic crystal
    • Brown lizard strap


    This is a vintage timepiece. Please expect signs of ageing and wear. Watch is checked to be in working condition when shipped. Buyers are advised to ask all questions before purchase. Accuracy of watch cannot be guaranteed and there might be unexpected issues due to its age; servicing is recommended for practical everyday use.
  • Price in US Dollars ($)

    Payment in Paypal.
    Please check there for latest conversion and transaction rates. 

  • Returns

    If watches received are not as described, they are entitled to a 7-day defect warranty from the date of receipt of the watch.

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