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What's so special about the watch?

At a glance, Stanley is but a simple dress watch - slim hands and a functional day date window. Take it out into the sun and you'll notice the dial is a nice shade of grey, something less commonly seen in the Lord Matic line and very worth your time indeed. The dial captures best in the eye of its beholder and doesn't appear well on camera, so you know that owning it is the only way to appreciate its beauty.


What are the functions of the watch?

Three hander with day and date function. Quickset and hacking. Also, hi-beat hand-windable. 


Let me tell you about the case...

Lord Matics are slim dress watches meant to keep well under the sleeve. To that end the slight tonneau shape of the case lends well to the linked bracelet with its flat end, remove lugs from the design and allowing the bracelet to seamlessly flow out from the ends. An alternative to such intricate work would be a flat end on lugs, which won't look as classy. 


The sides of the case are presented with a bevel, which viewed from the side sembles a knife's edge, another pleasant design trait that makes the watch very easy on the eye. A thin smooth bezel caps the acrylic glass onto the top of the case, which is in good condition - free from major dings and scratches. 


The case back has the typical Seiko engravings, its sides free from careless tool marks - something that collectors love to see. 


And now the dial...

A blue-grey slate dial resembles smoothened cement, a break away from the usual sunburst dial of the Lord Matic series. White minute and micro-minute markers are stamped cleanly along the edges of the dial, as well as the Special label, Daini logo and the jewel count. 


The vintage Seiko (fallen egg) and LM logo are applied onto the dial at 12 and 6, providing a much needed depth to the otherwise plain appeal. Long hash indices, similar in fashion to the logo, are also applied, slight facets along the sides allowing them to play with light.

There's a simplicity to the dial - something that will last and will always call for your appreciation. Then when the dial hits sunlight, you re-engage with the artwork and learn to count your blessings. 


Let's not forget the hands...

Seiko has a way with hands - the thin skinny hands are just the right length. The sweeping seconds stops at the end of the dial in line with the printed micro minutes, the minute hand shy of touching the micro minutes as though they're point at them for you, and the hour hand knowing its role, keeps the indices at a distance so as not to confuse your eyes if they should ever align. 

"Stanley" - 1971 Seiko 5206-6050 Lord Matic Special

  • Specifications

    • Hour, minute and seconds hands with quickset day-date
    • Eng / Kanji day display
    • Grey-Blue matte dial
    • 36mm stainless steel case
    • 40mm lug-to-lug
    • 18mm lug width
    • 5206 automatic @ 28,000vph
    • Acrylic crystal
    • Seiko stainless steel Lord Matic bracelet
    This is a vintage timepiece. Please expect signs of ageing and wear. Watch is checked to be in working condition when shipped. International sales are final; buyers are advised to ask all questions before purchase. Accuracy of watch cannot be guaranteed and there might be unexpected issues due to its age; servicing is recommended for practical everyday use.
  • Price in US Dollars ($)

    Payment in Paypal.
    Please check there for latest conversion and transaction rates. 


    Please contact me directly for payment through WISE.

  • Returns

    If watches received are not as described, they are entitled to a 7-day defect warranty from the date of receipt of the watch.

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