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What's so special about the watch?

If you like me have a distaste for the odd case shape of the Omega Chronostop, then perhaps you'll come to like this guy as much as I did. The Chronostop Jumbo is a large c case single minute chronograph that's fun to use and great to look at.


This ref. 145.017 Chronostop is unpolished with everything original. The reverse pie pan dial on this guy has matured to a slight sheen, like what you would see on some Speedmaster Ed Whites.


In my opinion, this watch has matured perfectly with obvious signs of its age while retaing its function and an absolute aesthetic form. Oh, did I mention that the acrylic glass is signed?


What are the functions of the watch?

Time with one-minute chrongraph.


Let me tell you about the case...

If you're not a fan of a c case, this guy might change your mind. The stainless steel case on this guy is solid and has quite a bit of weight to it, adding to the sports watch feel. But unlike its dress watch cousins, this Chronostop has much shorter lugs, allowing more space for the crystal and dial. 


This example has signs of use on the case, the usual slight dings and scratches quite visible but nothing to damage the appeal of the watch. The case is unpolished to my eye, retaining the bevels on the sides which have also taken in the signs of use. Another sign of the unpolished case is how snugly the crown fits into the side of the case - the gasket on the crown still tightly on, giving you a satisfying 'tack' when you manipulate it.


The Hippocampus on the caseback is engraved nice and clear, and from the looks on the back of the lugs you can confirm that the previous owner loved to change straps on this guy. 


This case has a very authentic feel to it - and I think the next collector will look foward to adding on to its array of scratches and knocks.


And now the dial...

From the honest case, we now move on to the honest dial. What struck me first about the dial was the depth, in what appears to be an inverse pie pan. A white mirco minutes track intercepts the rehaut and the dial, its markings in alternating fashion like what you see in the bezel of the Speedmaster Mark II. 


The rehaut is a simple 1/100th of a minute tracker. I'm not an expert of what you can do with it, but it sure looks cool, the white markings complementing those of the same hue on the rest of the dial. 


Past the outer rings we now approach the sloping layer of the reverse pie pan dial. Each applied index starts with a rounded lume dot, and in perfect detail Omega has rounded the ends of the index to fit the lume. This makes it so hard to relume and so much cooler for you to appreciate the original dots. From the dots the indices are equally stylish, not sloping down with the dial but raised in a kind of door stop fashion, appearing to be flat along side the white minute track. The detail!


Sunken at the very bottom is the flat part of the reverse pie pan dial, onto which the thin Omega symbol is printed in red while the other brandings are in white. This relatively sparing use of embellishment on the dial allows you to appreciate the slight gloss on the black surface, like a thin layer of oil has spread on the dial. Very cool. 


Let's not forget the hands...

The thick red seconds sweeping hand is of a faded red, according significant stature to the Chronostop namesake. Large legible time tellers in white makeup the minute and hour hands, a thin slit cut through their middle for the lume. 

"Sweeper" - 1968 Omega Seamaster Chronostop Jumbo Ref. 145.007

  • Specifications

    • Central central chrono seconds, hour, minute hands
    • Black reverse pie pan dial with applied indices
    • Omega manual wind cal. 865 @ 21,600vph
    • 40mm unpolished stainless steel case
    • 47mm lug-to-lug
    • 22mm lug width
    • Original signed acrylic crystal
    • Signed crown 
    • Screw-on case back with factory engraving
    • Aftermarket black leather strap (strap in photo not provided)


    This watch will be shipped via FedEx International Door-to-Door.


    This is a vintage timepiece. Please expect signs of ageing and wear. Watch is checked to be in working condition when shipped. Buyers are advised to ask all questions before purchase. Accuracy of watch cannot be guaranteed and there might be unexpected issues due to its age; servicing is recommended for practical everyday use.

  • Price in US Dollars ($)

    Payment in Paypal.
    Please check there for latest conversion and transaction rates. 


    Please contact me directly for payment through WISE.

  • Returns

    If watches received are not as described, they are entitled to a 7-day defect warranty from the date of receipt of the watch.

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