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What's on your table, Cedric?

It doesn't matter what sort of watch you wear as long as you like it. I talk to a few collectors I've gotten to know over the years about that piece of metal they strap to their wrists.

I've done minimal editing to their responses, so hopefully you can see their character from the tone and words used.

Today's collector is a customer turned friend whose passion for watches probably trumps mine. He's someone's who's always up for a watch gathering, showing the utmost enthusiasm for any time piece new or old. He's also probably got more watches than I do!

Q: Cedric, tell me about a few of your favorite watches.

Cedric's Bulova Space View

The first one has got to be the Bulova Accutron, namely the Space View. I love it's smooth moving second hands and the skeleton dial. My love for Bulova watches are at first sight, I like their innovation to fight against Swiss Made automatic market and the desire to make a watch that far more accurate than all the automatic watch in that era. Plus the humming sound is so mesmerizing.

I was introduced to the brand by a veteran watch collector, and I can still recall the first time I got to see a Bulova. Since then I am deeply in love. I collected few Accutrons and even added the Omega f300hz into the collection.

Cedric's Rolex 6694

Before I had a Rolex, I've always associated it with the elderly, and also I've always always regarded myself as an Omega or Seiko collector. But when a friend was about to let go of one of his finest collection, I jumped on it - a wonderful grey dial 6694 that is hard to come by.

After owning it, I now know why so many people are in love with Rolex. The oyster bracelet is so comfortable, it can accompany you for sports or a dressy event, the dial is so well made with so many details that I like, and the date moves exactly when the minute hand passed 12 midnight.

Since then I love Rolex and will definitely own more of them to come.

Cedric's Grand Seiko BGW031

This manual wind Grand Seiko BGW031 is a birthday gift from my wife. Since it's not cheap, she told me it's 10 years' worth at a go. I love that the GS style has never changed since Mr. Taro Tanaka took over the design department in the 70s. If things are working well, why change? Ha..

I love the simple three-hands layout and three-day power reserve. I've always preferred the manual wind movement as I can feel the watch when I am winding it up. It's kind of like when I am driving too - I love manual shift car more than automatic shift car.

The finishing of a Grand Seiko is second to none. The Zaratsu polishing is so well done and I have never seen any watch at this price range that can compete.

Q: What makes a watch special to you?

I think every watch that I own is like an art piece. I love to appreciate the details that the watchmakers put into making it. I love vintage pieces as every watch carries a part of history too. I love a special and uniquely designed watch too, as it carries a lot of character with it.

Q: Is there a watch you're currently looking out for?

A vintage Omega Proplof. I love vintage divers.. I love it's unique and bold design - you either love or hate it.

Q: How much do you think your watch collection will change in the future?

I'm really not sure but one thing I know - I will buy only Rolex and Omega. Because I like their watches and it's definitely value for money.

Q: Closing remarks - do you have anything to say to other collectors out there?

Watches to me is in a form of art, either you love or you hate it! Enjoy watches that you own or watches that are on other people's wrists. It's an art!

Stay tuned for more "From the Collector" profiles!

If you're interested in being featured, feel free to drop me a message!

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