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What's on your table, Jerry?

It doesn't matter what sort of watch you wear as long as you like it. I talk to a few collectors I've gotten to know over the years about that piece of metal they strap to their wrists.

I've done minimal editing to their responses, so hopefully you can see their character from the tone and words used.

Today's collector is known on Instagram as @justmywatches. He's a bright young man at the precipice of a new journey in life - marriage. We managed to catch up despite the preparation rush, on the day after his birthday, for some talking watches. He's got a neat rule for collecting - one in and one out.

A little more history between us. He actually dropped me a message about my Tissot Chrono Jenairo quite awhile back and found out that we're fellow Singaporeans. A few IG messages later we're planning to meet up to exchange watches.

So I was asked to bring the Tissot Chrono Jenairo and the watch the honeycomb Constellation that was to be traded. The rest was up to my imagination.

It's a small collecting circuit in Singapore, and Jerry seems to know most of the usual culprits. As someone who pretty much keeps to himself, I learned quite a bit from our meeting. Between the kind lesson and then neat Wakmann that I got to take home, I couldn't be more glad to have answered his query about the Chrono Jenairo.

Q: What are your favorite watches?

The Sinn 356 was my first true luxury watch, and it really was something that appealed to me and I could see myself wearing it a lot. Even now I tend to put it on my wrist more than the rest of the watches. This watch was the aim for quite some time, and it was a good feeling when I finally got it as its second owner.

The overall look is really nice, with the slim bezel (much like the Chrono Jenairo) and the syringe hands. The registers are nice and legible, and they do not overlap. I am not a fan of overlapping chronograph sub-dials.

This watch (as he picks up the Tissot Chrono Jenairo) is the watch that I have no fate with. I had a chance to buy it for $1,000 back when I first started collecting, but passed on it. Who knew that the watch would see its price rise so much!

I took another swing at the watch by messaging a guy on IG, but was too late and he's already sold it. Too late.

So time passed and I had my next chance to purchase one more from eBay. I had to win the bidding war first, and turns out I lost to the same guy from IG! He told me that he's buying to flip and the watch re-appeared on the site shortly to be sold at a price above my budget.

There's another one that I didn't bring with me, but it's probably the most important watch in my collection - an Orient Bambino. It may not cost much, but it's a gift from my girlfriend and it's going to stay with me.

It's hardly a pricey watch, but all the good straps go on it. and it's going to be the watch that I am wearing at my wedding as well.

Q: What makes a watch special to you?

As long as there is a story behind the watch, it is special. Much like my orient, it’s a gift to me by my girlfriend who is my wife to be soon, that’s special.

Q: So what's the next watch?

(Quite quickly) A Rolex DateJust, vintage of course. It's something classic and not a sports watch. I tell myself to stop buying vintage chronographs but somehow the look of them all just sucks me in).

Q: How much do you think your watch collection will change in the future?

It definitely will. I can already find my watch collection evolving into smaller dressier pieces. Who knows, I may make a big round and go back to my love for chronographs.

Q: Closing remarks - do you have anything to say to other collectors out there?

Buy what you like and chase for condition.

Stay tuned for more "From the Collector" profiles!

If you're interested in being featured, feel free to drop me a message!

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